Live Optimally

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Everyone deserves it. Everyone can do it. You. Your family. Your company.

When the light is you.
When your intuition is ON.
When you trust yourself.
When wisdom is at your finger tips.
When you show up fully.
When you live your life consistently well.
These things and more are happening in those living optimally. Mark helps you do this.

Mark helps people do this through programs and services, bringing out their best, and supporting them in thriving and sustaining that optimal state of living. Whether for you and family members at home, or leaders and workforces at the office, the tools, services, and resources Mark and his team offer are meaningful, significant, simple, effective, transformative.

Mark has a fascinating life story that encompasses entrepreneurial success followed by three years of a serious mental health challenge, and then transformation to living his optimal life. His mission is to bring resources to people that work, resources he would have loved to have for himself, his family, and his workforce.

Throughout this site you will see examples of what happens when someone is living optimally.

Here are three:


Jim is an entrepreneur who was admittedly lost and unsure he was doing what he wanted in life. When he joined with Mark and his teammates through Optimal Being, and private + group mentoring, Jim found his purpose and became aligned with what is inspiring for him and best for his company. As this occurred, opportunities he was indecisive about became obvious, and he had the clarity of mind to pursue them without previous hesitations.


Julie struggled to know who she was independent of others. After practicing the tools in the Optimal Being program, Julie discovered her true voice and true self. Shortly thereafter she doubled her billing rates. Following this, she accepted her full-time dream job, something she claims was only possible using the tools she practiced from the Optimal Being program; tools supporting her being present fully during moments of “stretch” and growth as she reclaimed her identity.

Mental Health

“Sara” faced decades of struggle seeing “people” others did not see. She had learned how to manage until a “grey entity” showed up, bringing with it terror in her mind. During private mentoring with Mark, she faced something she previously hid from herself. Within 2.5 hours the distortions were no longer present (to both of their surprise). One appeared again 3 months later in a different form, and within 45 minutes, this too disappeared. That was years ago and they no longer haunt her. She now sees how they were actually bringing her a gift, an opportunity to heal wounds from her youth.

Countless stories like these exist about the extraordinary outcomes people have when tuned-in and following through on inspirations available when in their optimal state of being and living.

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“There are people in your life you are going to remember forever. They influence, inspire, and encourage you to rise to the best of possibilities in you. Excellence seems easier in their presence. Mark is one of these people! He is present, connected, in-tune and on target. If you can work with Mark say 'yes' for your own sake.”

ADAM MARKELBusiness Mentor, Keynote Speaker and International Bestselling Author of Pivot

Mark believes everyone has a right to live their optimal life.
He desires to support all (who want that) in doing so.

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