Jesus taught a way to live optimally with a set of practices that are as relevant and true today as they were when he taught them. As people understand the true meaning of His teachings, lives are changing rapidly for the better.

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Change Begins Within

Written by Discover Ancient Wisdom Co-Founders Dave Austin and Kathy Lynn

During these unprecedented times there are people living calmly despite the chaos. How? Through focusing on the one thing we can control during all this: themselves. When you gain a greater understanding of your conditional habits and how your mind works, you gain power over the chaos.



A Children’s Book about encouragement and discovering one’s gifts. Written by Mark Hattas and Illustrated by Aubrey Foster

“IT” exemplifies a person who is living in alignment with the Beatitudes Practice. A symbolic story about a man and his passion, music. You are taken on an inward journey with yourself in this beautifully crafted piece of storytelling that will become a treasured part of your library.

Discover the joy of awakening to a thought that can transform both children and adults; there is meaning that can be given to all ages.

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