“My personal journey to restored health relied on Three Pillars. I want to share these resources with you.”

– Mark Hattas

Pillar 1: Physical Nourishment

The healing process accelerates when your body is healthy. Mark shares resources he used and many he continues using today. When this pillar is a priority you are on your way to lifting the vitality in your body. The physical system must be well-nourished.

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Pillar 2: Activate System

Your system is in tune when the soul, heart, body, emotions, intelligences, etc, are all online and active. The process of checking that all systems are go is important if you have any issues in life. Have you done this recently? Have you done it ever? Mark will walk you through this system check in Pillar 2 resources.

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Pillar 3: Tools

You need tools to maintain your system optimally. Mastering these tools will support you in awakening gifts in you that are extraordinary. These tools will help you live an awe inspired life.

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“There are people in your life you are going to remember forever. They influence, inspire, and encourage you to rise to the best of possibilities in you. Excellence seems easier in their presence. Mark is one of these people! He is present, connected, in-tune and on target. If you can work with Mark say 'yes' for your own sake.”

ADAM MARKELBusiness Mentor, Keynote Speaker and International Bestselling Author of Pivot

Mark believes every human has a right to live their optimal life.
He is here to support all in doing this.

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