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After building and selling a successful tech company, Mark Hattas was diagnosed with Bipolar I disorder and told he would never be well. This shook up his life, marriage, and relationship with their five children for quite some time. Then, after an out-of-body experience on 11/11/11, while giving a TEDx talk, Mark prayed, “If you can heal me from this, show me the way, I’m yours”. The response was instantaneous as Mark’s hand was moved from his lap and picked up one of a dozen books from the side of his bed.

His hands opened to page 59 of “Teresa of Avila, An Extraordinary Life” and he read the words that changed the trajectory of his approach to becoming well:

“Phenomena such as visions and trances, which frequently accompany mystical experience, have produced even stronger reactions of fear, wonder, skepticism, and perhaps a measure of envy. They have been denounced to medical science as pathological states bordering on madness, as nervous disorders similar to catalepsy, or as akin to somnambulism. The mystics have affirmed that the genuineness of the experience is seen through its effects, for instance in increased humility and love.”

Mark believes God led him to that passage at that moment and every other resource. His healing journey lasted four years and during it and beyond, the path of understanding opened up.

Since 2015, Mark has been free of pharma medicines and he has healed. Since then, helps others discover their path and receive their own direct insights for their optimal life. Mark’s wellness path is unique to him. However, core elements will look the same for everyone. These elements are available on this site and through the resources referenced. Mark and his teams are aware that every person has within them guidance that is pure and supportive of their optimal life, including optimal health and well-being. Tuning to and using this guidance is possible for every human being.

Mark is an alumnus of Marquette University’s Electrical Engineering School. He went from there to GE Healthcare/Med Systems where he became a full-line Sales Rep in their Technical Leadership Program. Mark left GE to join a small tech services company and helped them double in size before the partners had a falling out and promised equity was withdrawn. He went on to found Geneca, a software services firm creating solutions for the likes of Mercer, RedBox, FTD, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and many others. He sold his interest in 2010. Then, after healing from his Bi-polar I disorder, Mark began creating resources for optimally leading, loving, living, delivering and thriving:

Mark also directly works with organizations and individuals as a guide using his skills as an Optimal Being Mentor and Extreme Focus mental coach.

Mark is co-author of the #1 international best-seller Journey’s To Success: Wellness & Fitness Edition, and author of Awakening the Optimal Leader, IT”, Prisoner of War, and the upcoming Awakening Your Optimal Workforce.

Mark believes every human has a right to live their optimal life. He is committed to helping you do this.

Mark was recently honored as Marian Central Catholic’s  2021 Distinguished Alumnus.

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About Mark Hattas

Mark believes every human has a right to live their optimal life.
He is here to support all in doing this.

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