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Mark was recently honored as Dr. Mark David Hattas by TIUA School of Business, recognizing his achievements in the fields of executive and mental performance coaching, entrepreneurship, business, and charitable contributions to mental health.

The decades of work Mark put in to be at his best and provide value can be seen in his executive and mental performance coaching, writing, speaking, programs, and companies.

Mark’s trailblazing in mental health and human performance started following the sale of Geneca, the tech services business he started and helped build to 150 team members and nearly $20M in annual sales. Nine months following the sale in 2010, he was hauled from his home by paramedics and soon after diagnosed with Bipolar I disorder. Told there was no cure and to plan on med management being the primary strategy to manage the illness, Mark sought an alternative path. It took three years, and many trials and stumbles, but he found the answers, answers that went well beyond mental illness. Note, Mark has been fully healthy and free of medications and mental illness since 2015.

Mark discovered a path to connecting with the unifying Life Force that lives within all of humanity. He learned tools that help anyone connect with the true nature of their being. In doing so, people rise to the highest heights of what is possible in their life: Building that great company. Singing that amazing new song. Art that mystifies its viewers. Music that makes the heart sing. Relationships full of wonder and awe. The path is the same, though the outcome is unique for each person. Whether it is Luke Skywalker, The Avengers, Superman, or you, everyone has an origin story, the story when we leave our past behind and live into our highest potential (discovering our “superpowers” along the way). The tools Mark teaches equip people to discover and live into their soul’s best life. 

Mark shares these tools and resources through a variety of methods: Books, programs, training, coaching, summits, podcasts, and more.  

The tools Mark teaches equip people to discover and live into their soul’s best life. 

Business: Mark works with entrepreneurs and their teams through Rookha Group, Inc., which created the Optimal Being program (online, self-study, plus live, interactive guidance and community support). The principles of the program can be found in Mark’s latest book, Awakening Your Optimal Workforce, and are foundational to the executive and mental performance coaching Mark and his team deliver. Their highly statistically significant results accelerate the successes for leaders and their teams with greater ease and less stress.

Mental Health: Mark co-founded a mental health 501c3 public charity called Journey’s Dream, offering education, community, hope, and paths to freedom from mental illnesses. Their On Your Mind podcast has over 100 episodes, and their 2nd annual Integrative Mental Health Summit was a huge hit, with nearly 30 of the top experts in the field sharing wisdom.

Books: Mark’s business, children’s, and mental health books can be found at He is co-author of the #1 international best-seller Journey’s To Success: Wellness & Fitness Edition, and author of Awakening the Optimal Leader, IT” (children’s), Prisoner of War, and Awakening Your Optimal Workforce.

Speaking: Mark’s very first speech was a TedX talk in Naperville, 2011, a few short weeks after his break from sanity. Mark considers this a great lesson in what not to do during a talk. Since, he has become a master speaker through talks at City Summit, City Gala, PowerfulU, CEO Space International, The Junto Institute, and an encore invitation to speak at TedX Naperville’s IdeaShop.  

Awards and honors (recent): In addition to being honored with a PhD for Entrepreneurship and Business Administration, Mark is a Certified Entrepreneur and Business coach, Extreme Focus Mental Performance coach, Optimal Being Executive Mentor, and Optimal being Facilitator. 

Charity: Beyond Journey’s Dream, Mark has been a strong supporter (and past board member) of i.c. stars, and Charles Tillman’s Cornerstone Foundation.

Spiritual wellness: Travel Back to the “Sermon on the Mount” and discover simple practices for living an inspired life! Introducing the

More: Mark is an alumnus of Marquette University’s Electrical Engineering School. He started his career at GE Healthcare/Med Systems as a full-line Sales Rep after completing their Technical Leadership Program (TLP). Mark left GE to join a small tech services firm and helped them double in size before the partners had a falling out and promises were withdrawn. He went on to found Geneca, a software services firm creating solutions for the likes of Mercer, RedBox, FTD, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and many others. He sold his interest in 2010. Then, after healing from his Bi-polar I disorder, Mark began creating resources for optimally leading, loving, living, delivering and thriving.

Mark is married with five children 13 to 24 years of age. He resides in the Chicagoland area. He values the experiences he has gone through and recognizes he is happier after having gone through his mental health crisis years. Mark is a champion for people who desire to live their lives fully.

Mark believes all people can heal and everyone can live their optimal life. He is committed to helping you do this.

Mark was recently honored with Marian Central Catholic’s  2022 Distinguished Alumni Award (pics below).

Mark Hattas “The Why”

About Mark Hattas

With Family following Marian Central’s Distinguished Alumnus celebration

Speaking at Marian’s Assembly

Graduation, with sisters

Mark believes all of humanity deserves to live at their best.
He is here to support this being possible and free from any dis-ease and illness.

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