Choose. Remember. Activate.

Pillar 2 works in collaboration with Pillars 1 and 3


The system of humans is extraordinary. Despite how much is known, parts still seem to be a mystery. It has faculties that are available for your use. You may or may not have full access to all your faculties today. They will come if you desire them. You can follow the steps below to begin activating your system.

Parts of a human system can be shut down. It might have been an experience you had, a trauma, a lie you believe, unresolved emotional pain, unforgiven harmful actions, judging people or self, forgotten choices made once upon a time. There are two approaches to activation. The first is to pray and trust the insights. You don’t have to do this step, but I find it to be helpful. A prayer example is as follows, and you can use this or create your own.

I am ready to activate all my faculties. I am willing to be realized fully as I am in this human phase I am experiencing. I am thankful for all my experiences in life. I let go of my past. I allow healing where it is needed and I allow love to inform me as I heal. I am here and allow me to live fully. I accept my life as it is, and allow my system to be restored to its optimal state.

Mark’s Key Actions

1. Allow energy to move.

If you feel you are good at this, fantastic. It is a conscious active exercise in allowing things to be as you see them and allow energy in you to flow. It might be breathing in a stressful situation. It might be a physical movement? and exercise.? It could be moving food through your digestive system. It is to set the system up for optimal success and allow all energy to flow. Judgments stop energy from flowing and it is common for fear to stop the flow of energy.? Practice being conscious in this and begin noticing when you are restrictive and preventing flow. Someone who is in an optimal state of allowance is able to be present in almost all situations.

2. Feel emotions fully.

Find a feeling wheel to print or order:Here is a great wheel created by The Junto Institute, which Mark uses in the following video.Watch this videoto practice feeling emotions fully. Choose an emotion, allow yourself to feel it, and notice any sensations or feelings in your system. You may also get images at times along with thoughts or visible movements or expressions. You may also feel nothing. Keep practicing until you can identify the emotions as you place your attention on them. Mark also teaches the whole brain posture, which activates the corpus callosum to support whole-brain engagement. This can support getting unstuck if you are overwhelmed by an emotion. Let yourself feel the emotions, on a 1-10 scale at about a 3 to start with and increase or decrease as you like. Play with it. Learn. If you feel nothing, even at the high end of the scale, you may be suppressing your emotional body. It would be a good idea to ask yourself if it is still serving you to have this faculty off. If not, allow it to be activated. You don’t need to know how, just ask for support (prayer, meditation, higher-self, God, etc..). Trust. It will happen. It may take time but it will happen that your emotional body can be fully online in service to you.

3. Consider programs in Pillar 3

Once you’re willing to activate your system again, you will want additional tools. You will be taught tools over time in your spirit or your inner self, and you have that ability now. However, many find that programs like we offer in Pillar 3, or ones you are familiar with, are supportive of you fully living the life you desire. You can start this path in a secular or spiritual way. All roads will lead to you fully living. Trust yourself along the way. After exploring potential programs and services, relax into a prayer or meditation and ask, “Which is optimal for me now?” Trust the answer or that which you are drawn to. Go for it!

4. Remember the truth of you

There is a life force that is in everything. It is in the air you breathe. It is in the sun you feel on a warm day. It is in the grass that grows and blossoms that beautify the landscape. It is everywhere and it lives in you. It connects you to all of creation. You are alive because of it. This is the eternal state of you. It is one with all and yet the phase of your humanity has created an illusion of separation. This illusion is useful beyond our understanding. However, we are all called to remember our true STATE and are invited to let our PHASE be changed by our STATE such that we fully live today. The unification of this pure STATE with any life PHASE aligns us to our path to live our optimal lives.