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Engaging. Inspiring. Effective. Unique. Mark leads workshops and delivers keynotes aligned with your organization’s most pressing needs. He is happy to refer you to others if he is not a good fit. He will say “yes” when it is right for all parties and your audience.


When employees are practicing the tools introduced by Mark they are embodying life principles supporting transformation for home and work. Both the keynote and workshop formats are useful and empowering. Mark uses stories and exercises encouraging first and second-hand experiences for everyone. He supports the group moving from where they are to what is possible. Talks are customized for your needs.

Examples of outcomes from participants:

  • Being at your BEST more easily
  • Be present under stress
  • Being in flow at work and home
  • Healthier and more collaborative relationships
  • Release negative and destructive patterns
  • Corrected perception
  • Heightened self-awareness
  • Increased confidence
  • Interpret instincts and intuition
  • More engaged
  • inner GPS activation for your optimal everything. Open to an inner “GPS” that leads to optimal choices

A recent talk from Mark for The Junto Institute community of business leaders. Format: 30 minutes of presentation followed by Q&A. Video shared with permission to post here. Interactions with participants have been edited for confidentiality.

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Optimal Health & Well-being

For workplaces, communities, schools, universities, and more

The path Mark took to heal from a mental illness was a path that is worth hearing. Listening to his story is inspirational, and filled with wisdom for anyone and everyone, not just those who have faced health issues.

Examples of outcomes from participants:

  • Change Perceptions
  • Infused with Hope
  • Feel ALIVE in all the right ways
  • Curious and inquisitive about one’s own well-being
  • Willingness to pursue options further!!!
  • Hunger to take action
  • Starting points to explore beyond the talk.
  • Tools and experiences of the power of the tools for you!!!

This is a keynote and has the option to be a 4-hour workshop. Keynotes can be any size audience. Workshops larger than 30 participants require an additional resource(s) (supplied by Mark) for support.

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Mark shares his true story filled with miracles that fan the flames in hearts and souls. Mark ignites the space with powerful examples, stories, and exercises to experience directly and through others participating. Reconnect with love, God, Christ in a way like you know is possible. Mark teaches ancient wisdom in practical ways as he learned from the way Jesus Christ taught many years ago. Participants will leave knowing how to live their best life. Mark illuminates the path that moves a person toward their union relationship with God. Mark shares Biblically supported messages. The words on the page in the Bible become alive in participants. Imagine taking the teachings of Jesus from black and white to Living Color.

Examples of outcomes from participants:

  • Trust God’s voice/callings/inspirations
  • Heal wounds of the past that separate you from His desired union with you
  • Learn about the active forces of God and how to receive them in your life
  • Purify perception
  • Fill your Cup!
  • Overflow that Cup for others!
  • Create with heavenly guidance!
  • Accept necessary changes and live aligned to your primary purpose
  • Be a pillar of strength as Jesus, MLK Jr., St. (Mother) Teresa, and so many others have been over time.
  • Live into your fullness as a Child of God
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Leadership teams, community organizers, faith leaders, health leaders, government leadership, and more

Mark has mastered the skills to support groups in massively shifting unsolvable issues to resolution. During the process, he shares his personal story, creates a space for change to happen, practices a process and creates inclusion until everyone is prepped and ready. Then the process begins led by participants and Mark in support of the highest and best resolution path to emerge. Not all will be different during the process, but the train will have left the station and change will come.

Examples of outcomes from participants:

  • Money flow
  • Getting unstuck
  • Clarity of path for resolution
  • Witnessing massive constructive change within days, weeks, and even months
  • Healing of relationships
  • Opening to opportunities aligned with participants and those whom they lead
  • Obstacles fall away
  • True miracles
  • Peace and courage within team members
  • Confidence
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What They’re Saying

Mark was very engaging and delivered his content with great energy. He inspired our members, and the feedback we received with nothing short of positive and impactful. Attendees commented on the relevance of his tangible practices on their lives..

September DorhmannChief Executive Officer of CEO Space International

Mark is one of the most authentic, anointed people I have EVER met! Should you return to wherever it is you are originating from having met this wonderful truly will have (and will continue to be) immensely blessed...

Loren Micheals Harris

Mark believes every human has a right to live their optimal life.
He is here to support all in doing this.

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